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Contact Information:
   Susan Lorraine Weselnick
   Las Vegas, Nevada
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   Artist Statement:
   I view Art as an uplifting of our soul to the Creator.  A moment in time given where our spirit can soar pondering the exquisite beauty that surrounds us.

Artist Media:
   Adobe Illustrator
   Director 8.5
   Flash 5
   Technical Pen
   Color Productions
   Tempera Paint
   Golden Mean
   Computer Assisted Design
   Photo Retouching & Restoration

Tempera Color Wheel Artist:  Susan Lorraine Weselnick
Title:  Color Wheel in Tempera
Year Created:  Spring, 2004
Medium:  Watercolor
Width:   11 inches
Height:  14 inches
Theme:  Color and Design
Edition Size:  Original

Description:  Using the Primary Colors, Yellow, Blue, and Red, plus Black and White; Our assignment was to create a Color Chart that includes Primary, Secondary, Intermediates, Tints, Shades and Intensities.

Secondary colors are created by mixing two Primary Colors together. Intermediates are colors that are created from mixing a Primary and Secondary Color. Tints are colors mixed with White. Shades are mixed with Black. And Intensities are created by mixing various amounts of a Primary and its opposite on the Color Wheel Secondary.

The Color Wheel design was developed in Adobe Illustrator.  The labels too were created in that application and printed out.  The paint swatches were created on Watercolor paper and cut into shapes for the design.  The labels and color swatches were cut out and glued onto an 11x14 sheet of Bristol Board.

I enjoyed this assignment because I learned a lot about color from it.